Simple Status

The easiest way to update your status to Facebook or Twitter.

Available on the
App Store

Think it can't possibly be that simple?

There are literally only three steps, including opening the app.

Open The App

Did we really need a step one?

Enter Your Status

Type whatever you want to impress your friends. Probably something along the lines of, "Look how awesome my life is compared to yours."

Tap The Update Status Button

It send the status through THE CLOUD and into the social network of your choice. Likes and Retweets are sure to be plentiful.

Coming Soon

Image Uploads

You'll be able to upload that super awesome pic you just took of a plate of food.

Multiple Account Support

We're totally going to add this. Coming by 2018, we promise.

Android Support

Probably someday when we make billions of dollars and can hire more developers.

Quotes From Some Awesome People

  • "Simple Status is the most rad ass app I've ever used."
    Geoff from Detroit
  • "This is most best application for Facebook."
    Some Russian dude
  • "My friends think I'm really awesome when I'm using this app. Just wish I had friends."
    Bill McGillicutty